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According to what I've been told, all Reagor's in this country are related. I am part of the 7th generation (though it's been 255 years) born in America. My grandparents are Elna L. and Elmer C. Reagor. My parents are Frances J. and Paul E. Reagor.

We have a system for navigating and entering family tree information. Would you like to see where you are in the tree? If so, go try out the genealogy system. Note: if you want to see the names of those who are alive, you must sign up for a Reagor.net account here. We have most of the older generations up. We are adding new names continuously, so come back if you can't find your branch of the family tree.

If you want to share genealogy information , email us. The more you can tell us, the better. Dates and locations are especially helpful.

Cameron P. Reagor

Jim Reagor has a new book that indexes the earlier generations. Please read about the book here. The volume can be purchased here.

Check out the genealogy data here.

Here is the register from our progenitor, Anthony Reagor.

I thought this was interesting from Ancestry.com.

What does the Reagor name mean?
  1. Probably an Americanized spelling of German Rieger or Reger.
What does the Reiger name mean?
  1. from a reduced form of the personal name Rüdiger (see Rudiger).
  2. nickname from Middle High German rüegære, rüeger ‘complainer’ (earlier ‘prosecutor’).
What does the Rudiger name mean?
  1. German (Rüdiger): from the Germanic personal name Rüdiger, composed of the elements hro-d ‘renown’ + ga-r, ge-r ‘spear’, ‘lance’ (see Roger).

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