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Family Reunions

There is a notice circulating around for the Sidney, Jeff, Cynthia, and James Reagor Family Reunion.  It is unclear as to where this branch starts in the Reagor.net genealogy database.  If anyone knows more about this section of the family, please let us know.  The letter can be read here.

The Elna L. Reagor semiannual reunion came off with only a few hitches.  Everyone caught up and had a great time.  Pictures from the Lake are up. We are waiting for others to send us theirs.  The pictures can be seen here

Send any pictures you have to pics@reagor.net.

We would like to coordinate different branch reunions and to take suggestions on locations. To do this, please post to the board or the blog.

   --- Reagor.net staff

Email any questions or suggestions to info@reagor.net


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